Idee de scandal

Lumea este la fel de iubitoare de scandal in presa, indiferent de continent. Pe alocuri insa, societatea reuseste sa mascheze aceasta relatie intre prostie si senzational. Cand prostia se impleteste armonios cu satiricul, aveam de-a face cu o societate sanatoasa, una in echilibru: caricaturizarea lu’ Mahomed poate fi luata drept exemplu. Si scandalul aferent. :} [citeste monstra prostie]

Cand insa prostia nu se regaseste in satira, ci este ridicata la loc de cinste, aveam de-a face cu o populime grozav de ‘razna’. Aici prostia se analizeaza si se explica in mod aproape filosofic0-empiric. Redau monstra promisa; o samanta de scandal, neexploatata inca, gasita pe blogurile CNN.

Cara Kata June 8th, 2009 11:15 pm ETAC,
It is an unspoken national scam that Sarah Palin is still being allowed to peddle herself around as a ‘pro choice’ person.

This lady knew she was carrying a child with abnormalities. She as governor and public person could not have had an abortion without a public outcry.

Her next series of actions were nothing short of criminality. No one is publicly condemning her for attempted murder of her then unborn child.

She knew she was in labor and still went ahead to take a 8-12 hour flight . What was the intention? She wanted to have a still birth as she could not have an abortion.

Which US Board-certified doctor would have authorized that journey?
She fooled 300 million Americans and no one is reviewing that poor judgement and seemingly criminal intent.

Which non-public person could have gotten away with such murderous intent.

You AC, Nancy Grace, Wolf and others have failed to analyze that incident and render your duty to your viewers as you are known to do very professionally.

Please raise this issue NOW.


~ by durox on June 8, 2009.

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