Phil Jones – CRU

I understand the fact that scientists need to protect their work; it is time, money, energy… Most of them ride bikes, live a very modest life, and have little social life. One would say they sacrifice for the good of science and common knowledge. So in a way it’s a ‘jungle’ out there and everyone’s for themselves…

BUT, this is not the case. Not w/ Mr. Phil. The research on climate change, when it’s funded by public money –and it is, not only needs to be widely available, but also needs to transcend the primitiveness of censorship and mean tactics –as we all can read in those emails. You simply can’t afford to get tribal or tricky when the world is waiting on you to lead the way on this matter.

Some might ask ‘what’s the harm in trying to get ahead?’ or ‘what difference does it make as long as he leads us on the right track?’ But these are silly questions –to put it politely- because the implications are way deeper than replacing the old light bulb. The food price it’s driven by Mr. Phil’s predictions, to pick just an example. And to me it is not a big deal if I pay 1$ or 2$ for my bread, but to others it’s a matter of life and death –and I am not exaggerating a bit. For that reason, the science of global warming has to be as transparent and as accurate as a model -or prediction- can be.

Now looking at Mr. Phil I can’t help but feel anger towards this tactics and attitude. Because we should’ve learnt by now that when lives are at stake, one’s ego can turn him into a murderer. And again, I’m not using big words, I’m just stating facts.

 PS: Director of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), Phil Jones, understood that he is being paied (w/ public money)  to find ways to hide data or delete it -rather than share it.

*In response to Harold Ambler‘s post “Phil Jones offers myriad reasons for not sharing data


~ by durox on December 4, 2009.

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