Orra SX Casting Reel or the Swiss Army Knife by Abu Garcia

Orra SX Abu Garcia

One must admit that the Orra SX Casting Reel by Abu Garcia is sexy. But sexy only goes so far without the brains and/or manners… And Orra SX lacks both! ;]

Casting with it in a windy day would get you some bird-nests, guaranteed; and that’s not her fault by any means, but when you see that the line is cut on the spool -underneath a couple of layers of line-  you start wondering what evil forces are against you.

Call it faulty design or ‘poorly Swedish engineered’ but the fact remains: Orra cuts the line like some cheap scissors and if you run out of luck you might cast away your favorite lure before you realize… Between the button and the reel’s frame there is a gap and any loose line that gets in there will be so hard pressed against the moving metal parts that it will get cut. There are many situations when the line can get in there, and the most often is when trying to manage a healthy backlash. Mine was 12lbs mono line and it didn’t have a chance… The braid line won’t get cut but the damage is obvious.

The solution is quite simple, and it doesn’t involve any Swedish engineering ;] : cut some masking tape –the spool’s width- and stick it on the inside of the button and reels frame, covering the opening between the two. It won’t block the button and as far as I can tell, it will serve you for a while.

Orra SX Easy Fix

I used 3M blue Scotch because it doesn’t get sticky in the sun and it’s also pretty wear/water resistant. You can see in the pictures the light coming thru the gap and tape… Just make sure you don’t stick any tape on the reel as it will peel off the finish coat (first picture) ;].


~ by durox on June 26, 2010.

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