Julian Assange’s alleged victims

Anna Ardin

Sofia Wilen

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Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen -ironically- bump into each other at the conference [@9:48 video file]… Anna Ardin seems quite fine, only to realize later on after meeting Sofia Wilen that they were both the victims of Julian. 

More info about the events on Daily Mail

“[…] In an interview she later gave to police, she is reported to have said: ‘He (Assange) was there when I came home. We talked a little and decided that he could stay.’
The pair went out for dinner together at a nearby restaurant. Afterwards they returned to her flat and had sex. What is not disputed by either of them is
that a condom broke — an event which, as we shall see, would later take on great significance.
At the time, however, the pair ­continued to be friendly enough the next day, a Saturday, with Sarah even throwing a party for him at her home in the evening.

Rejecting accusations of an international plot to trap Assange, she added: ‘The accusations were not set up by the Pentagon or anybody else. The responsibility for what happened to me and the other girl lies with a man with a twisted view of women, who has a problem accepting the word “no”.’
The two women then instructed Claes Borgstrom, a so-called ‘gender lawyer’ who is a leading supporter of a campaign to extend the legal ­definition of rape to help bring more rapists to justice.
As a result, in September the case was reopened by the authorities, and last month Interpol said Assange was wanted for ‘sex crimes’.
[…] ”






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