is down after they cut off WikiLeaks is the latest big website that is brought down using DDOS attacks by ‘Operation:Payback’ [Anonymous]. Their ‘target’ page reads:

Add you suggestions below the line: Paypal’s main site needs to be hit hard. With shopping coming up and people needing to pay for their online purchases, this will really put them at a halt and regret messing with Wikileaks and Anon.



  • no .gov sites
  • no senate/house rep sites


Any US Anti WL site,

  • FoxNews
  • EveryDNS
  • Eventually Mastercard/ Visa, not viable with current hive.


If we go after a US site, more US anon will join, its only (as of this writing) 10:20 EST, vs. like 4 am in euro.”



This comes after a list of other websites that appear to be anti-wikileaks; you can read more here and here.


~ by durox on December 8, 2010.

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