about Anonymous

Anonymous is getting lots of attention these days, and as usual people watch a piece of news and think they know all about the issue. On forums all over –most on CNN- people are calling Anonymous being just some coward organization because of their name and the masks they wear…

Just to get it straight, this is not about advocating, we should get informed before we start typing. Anonymous stated that they do not advocate for the content of WikiLeaks, but for what it stands: freedom of speech. The attacks on websites are not meant to compromise their users, their personal information and whatever the media would like us to believe; it is a way of getting our attention about the fact that the internet should be free, just as we should be free to express ourselves and also share the information we believe is worth sharing…

You can read more about Anonymous on their page http://www.whyweprotest.net. Find what’s with the masks and watch on YouTube how protestant became victims –mainly of the Church of Scientology, thus the covering of the face and identity…




I found this for those too lazy to read on whyweprotest.net


~ by durox on December 9, 2010.

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